Sega Zone: the Genesis with a Wiimote nobody asked for

Sega may (sadly) be out of the hardware business itself, but like some other once mighty companies, it's not above licensing its brand for others to use as they see fit. The latest device to emerge out of that arrangement is the Sega Zone, which takes a perfectly fine Genesis console (complete with a cartridge slot) and adds a pair of Wiimote-like controllers in an attempt to keep up with the times. To go along with those, you'll also get 30 new games for the system (16 of which support some form of motion control), but we're guessing most folks will quickly find themselves opting for one of the 20 classic Genesis games that come pre-loaded. Still no indication of a release for this one 'round here, but those in the UK will apparently be able to pick one up this summer for £39.95 (or about $60).

[Thanks, Mark]