FlexiKnob paddle controllers are perfect for playing your old Atari Breakout ROMs

Spend any time in a audio or video editing suite of applications and you'll find yourself overwhelmed by a selection of on-screen controls that have absolutely zero relevance to your on-desk controls -- keyboard and mouse don't really equate to slider and dial. FlexiKnobs bridge that gap, and allow collaborative work too. A project by researchers at the University of Applied Sciences, they're little wooden mice of a decidedly non-ergonomic shape, but they allow you to move cursor (shown after the break) over on-screen control, then click in the wheel and spin it to adjust the value. The cursor changes depending on whether it's locked on or floating free, and each bears the color of the FlexiKnob it is associated with. Up to 250 of the things can be paired with a computer at once, which sounds like heavenly pandemonium to us.

[Thanks, Sam]