MSI Wind modded with sliding keyboard and touchscreen

The original MSI Wind is so two years ago, but an Insanely Wind forum member with the handle of ac0ff33 figured out a way to make it so two years from now. Taking a cue from slider phones, the modder has managed to flip the Wind's 10.1-inch display around, fit it on top of the keyboard, and add a resistive touchscreen. He appears to still be working on getting it to slide up to reveal the keys, but from the comments in the forum he's got a pretty solid plan to make it all happen. And if all that isn't good enough, he's also added a plastic power button next to the screen, along with a key for choosing either Win 7 or OSX when booting. We're looking forward to seeing how this project comes along, but in the meantime check out the two videos below of the touchscreen performance in both Win 7 and OSX.