Motorola Devour has Flash support, makes Pixi look like an underachiever

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|02.04.10

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Motorola Devour has Flash support, makes Pixi look like an underachiever
Motorola's official spec sheet for the Devour reveals that there'll be a Flash Lite runtime on board -- presumably version 3.1, which offers support for a variety of video codecs and Flash 9 content -- and more importantly, it'll work in the browser. That's pretty cool -- it gives the Devour one small leg up on its Droid big brother and matches capabilities that HTC has rolled out in the past on the Hero, but what's more interesting is that the Devour allegedly uses the same next-gen low-cost smartphone processor from Qualcomm, the MSM7627, as the Pixi. Palm has elected not to roll out the Pre's upcoming Flash support to the Pixi on account of its lower-end specs, which begs the question: is Android's Flash Lite 3.1 player significantly more efficient than webOS' Flash 10.1 player, does the Devour have more horsepower packed in there than it's letting on, or does Palm just have higher performance standards for annoying ads than Moto does?

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