Zune Pass hit by wave of disappearing music?

It's not exactly all that uncommon to see some music disappear from Zune Pass (or any other music service) due to rights issues and whatnot, but Microsoft's subscription service seems to have been hit with significantly more vanishing acts than usual as of late, which has resulted in a sizable number of complaints from users. In some cases, that includes all the music from some artists (Arcade Fire, Vampire Weekend, and Spoon, to name a few), while others have seen only some albums, or some songs disappear. For its part, Microsoft's customer service seems to be telling folks that any music no longer available is due to the record labels pulling it, but the reports from users seem to suggest there's little rhyme or reason about what's been pulled. So, any Zune Pass users out there missing some of their favorite tunes? Let us know in comments.

[Thanks, Zack]