Dell Mini 5 earns FCC approval, AT&T 3G coverage assured

Remember those rumors back in the day that Dell's Android-powered Streak MID -- the device that would later be revealed as the Mini 5 -- would be manufactured by Qisda? Well, we've got some pretty solid proof of that now that it's hit the FCC under Qisda's name. What you see on the left is the label submitted in today's filing for a device called the Qisda M01M; on the right, you have a shot from that pictorial of a device in Shenzhen of the same name. Look pretty much identical? Yeah, we've definitely got the Mini 5 here, and it's described in the RF test reports as a "mobile internet device" with support for WiFi plus full HSPA on WCDMA bands II and V (that's the coverage needed by AT&T, Rogers, Bell, and Telus, by the way) plus EDGE on the same frequencies. We're sure that this version's got a few more bands for user outside North America, too, but seeing how the FCC generally doesn't care about them, Qisda's gone light on the details. Anyhow, this works out nicely for a release later this year, doesn't it?