Motorola MOTOSPLIT to have dynamic key labels, lame processor?

A quick glance at that render we'd obtained of the rumored MOTOSPLIT had us thinking we were seeing a large, Sholes-style phone with a musclebound OMAP3 core, but hold up -- maybe this is a lower-end (and stranger) phone than we'd originally thought. Android Community has gotten tipped with additional details and another supposed render of the handset, and the most notable tidbit here seems to be that the phone is said to use dynamic key labels (a la Samsung Alias 2) to let the user pull out a single side as a numeric keypad or both sides (hence the "SPLIT" in the name) for full QWERTY action. In the QWERTY configuration, there's apparently a kickstand around back that would help you set the phone on a desk and type with all the ease of the world's smallest netbook cocked at an awkward 45-degree angle.

The wisdom and usability of this kind of setup remains a huge question mark, but the bigger question mark might be inside the phone itself: we're hearing here that the MOTOSPLIT would use the same core as the Backflip, an old-school Qualcomm MSM7201A. Frankly that seems unlikely at best -- virtually every Qualcomm-powered midrange smartphone to be introduced in 2010 from here on out will be using an MSM7227 or 7627 (including Moto's own Devour), so we're going to cautiously assume this particular piece of the intel is incorrect. Please let it be incorrect, Motorola, we beg of you.