T-Mobile getting Moto CLIQ XT, HTC HD2, Nokia Nuron next month?

The ironclad legitimacy of this slide can't be confirmed, but considering what we know and what we've heard about T-Mobile USA's plans for the next few months, we can totally buy what we're seeing here. The PowerPoint masterpiece -- which showed up on a PPCGeeks forum thread recently -- has the midrange Android-powered Motorola Zeppelin as the "CLIQ XT" with a target launch of March 10, giving customers already flush with choices yet another way to get their Google on. Next, the Nokia "Nuron" (which looks an awful lot like a 5230 to us) is being billed as a "low-cost touchscreen" with 3G and Ovi Store access for a March 17 date with destiny, and finally, the mighty HD2 -- which we already know is coming to T-Mobile -- is said to be ready come March 24. Now, don't get us wrong, the HD2 is a helluva phone -- but if Windows Mobile 7 is really unveiled in a few days at MWC like everyone expects, that's going to make the launch of a high-end 6.5 device just a little anticlimactic.