Current MacBook Pro SKU given mark of death in Best Buy database?

We'll admit to not being leading the field of study in Best Buy-ology, but here comes a new quiz for us care of a tipster who sent TUAW a screenshot of the inventory screen that shows what looks to be the current MacBook Pro SKU with status: deleted. What that means is no new orders can be made for that unit, at least for that particular store. Sign of impending MBP refresh? Intel certainly had us riled up last month with that Core i5-infused flier, but we won't get fooled again. Don't hold your breath for this one, but if more telltale signs start popping up, we'll be sure let ya know.

Update: Giving credit where due; the image originates from the MacRumors forums.

Update II: Another tipster familiar with Best Buy's systems wrote in and noted that "Deleted only means that the that particular store is having it pulled from their planogramed assortment." Sorry to burst your bubble.

[Thanks, Jose R]