Apple Store down globally, let the speculation begin (updated)

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Apple Store down globally, let the speculation begin (updated)
Sometimes it's nothing, but often, especially when it's a Tuesday and we're sitting on a stack of overdue rumors, an Apple Store outage is a tell that new products are due. Especially when the store goes down on a global basis as it has just now. So take a moment to reflect on the latest rumors and chime in with your predictions in the comments. Our guess? Refreshed MacBook Pros... or iPonies, either or. Then check back at 08:30 ET (as is the norm) to see who got it right.

Update: 64-bit Aperture 3 with faces and places tagging announced. Store's back up. Even after the NVIDIA Optimus announcement we're still left waiting for those elusive Core i5 and Core i7 MacBook Pros.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]
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