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Samsung's S2 Portable gets Michael Jackson makeover, promises to heal the world

You know, something deep, deep inside of us knew that this was going to happen, but with Michael Jackson's untimely departure of Planet Earth back in the news thanks to Mr. Conrad Murray's arraignment, it seems like the glut of This Is It-related gear is even touching the typically straightforward tech industry. The drive you're weeping at above is the February 22nd-bound 500GB S2 Portable, complete with a paint job that can only be described as overkill. Jackson's final film is pre-loaded on here (and likely entangled in DRM), as well as Samsung's own Auto Backup feature that'll keep your aged concert photos safe for a few more decades. Of course, the inclusion of a "SecretZone" service -- which encrypts specific files while requiring a password to access -- seems a bit tasteless given the subject matter here, but leave it to Samsung to Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'.