AT&T selects LTE equipment suppliers, 'commercial deployment' planned for 2011

Aw, snap. We knew good and well that the iPhone's exclusive home in America (cue groans) was planning to hopscotch right around HSPA+ and move straight to LTE, but it's always good to see a little confirmation from the carrier, you know? AT&T has today confessed to selecting its two LTE suppliers (Alcatel-Lucent and Ericsson), and better still, that it will begin its LTE rollout in 2011. As expected, field trials are slated to get going later this year, and for those of you concerned about the outfit's (admittedly lacking) 3G network, we're hearing positive things on that front as well. Purportedly, 3G equipment delivered to AT&T by the suppliers starting this year will be "easily convertible to LTE," and Ma Bell has assured us that it "plans to make the nation's fastest 3G network even faster in advance of LTE networks and devices scaling." Shame that whole "plans" thing can change without notice, but we won't jump to any conclusions just yet.