Macworld 2010: What is it? Apple Campus edition

While we were walking around the Apple Campus yesterday, we spotted this strange device planted in the ground. The picture above is the only one we took, but we'll give you a few hints: the two holes in the metal box are upside down trapezoids, and inside of them, you can see a metal grating just bigger than the holes themselves. The device stood right next to the Apple visitor parking lot (and in fact, that shadow on the right side is of a parked car just outside the frame -- the box itself is planted in grass, with no other wires or connections on it). Our query to you: What is this thing?

We have our own ideas -- we joked it was some kind of electric car charger, or perhaps an iPod nano dispensary. It almost seems like the leftover parts of a parking meter, but it was the only such box in the lot, and it was facing away from the cars parked there. Give us your guesses below: what is this strange box on the Apple Campus parking lot? We'll update this post with your best answers, and maybe even the right one, if you can figure it out.

Update: Well that makes sense. Commenters guessed right away that it was a cigarette bin. Interesting, considering that, as you can see in the gallery in the link above, there's no smoking on Apple's campus. Drop your butts before entering, please!