Toshiba aims for living room domination with StorE TV media set-top box

You know who has yet to produce their very own connected set-top box? Believe us, it's hard to formulate a correct answer here. Toshiba has somehow managed to stay far, far away from the STB bandwagon, but all that's fixing to change in the year 2010. Electric Pig was able to toy with a pre-production version of the StorE TV, which is Tosh's next-gen media center / streamer. It'll eventually ship in 1TB, 1.5TB and 2TB flavors, with the whole lot playing back just about any type of local or networked media that you could think of. As predicted, 1080p playback is present, and it'll accept files from UPnP devices on the network, external sources connected to the USB socket and even an SD card. Further details (including a price) are expected later in the year, though we're told that it's on track for a Q3 release over in the UK.