Avatar available to watch in 4D, but only in Korea

Yo Carl Sagan, we found the fourth dimension! It was hiding in a South Korean movie theater all this time, and you can go try it out for the eminently affordable $15.80 a pop. CJ-CGV, an enterprising Korean cinema operator, has been offering its 4D experience for a year now, but Avatar's sellout success has led it to open three more "4D plexes." The way the company finally cornered that elusive fourth dimension is by engaging all five senses: moving seats, wind, water sprinkling, lasers, and synthetic smells are all used in time with the movie. Sure, it's a gimmick and takes a loose interpretation of what the word dimension means, but at least it's unlikely you'll fall asleep during the movie, as some of us may or may not have done while watching the 3D screening.