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Motorola XT800 Android touchscreen phone hands-on in Shenzhen

Lusting for more Android love from Motorola? Then you should start searching for a Chinese soulmate. We've been told that this ¥5,680 ($830) XT800 dual-SIM (one CDMA and one GSM) smartphone had been out for just a few days in Shenzhen -- right before the country shuts down for Chinese New Year on Sunday. Packing the same OMAP3430 core used by the Droid and Milestone, both the 2.0.1 firmware and a 720p sample video we watched were running smoothly on the lovely 3.7-inch 854 x 480 screen. The rubberized battery cover felt nice in our palm, too, but enough with the talking -- go gorge yourselves on the gallery pics, won't you?