Pumaphone coming next week, solar power in the mix?

Puma (and partner Sagem) have thrown up a teaser site ahead of the launch of the company's first-ever phone next week -- a trend being voraciously adopted by designer brands lately -- but sadly, there's not a lot to see at the moment other than some unhelpful videos (one of which you can peep after the break). That may not have always been the case, though: Recombu is reporting that there'd previously been an all-too-brief glimpse of what appeared to be a touhscreen phone with a solar panel aboard in one of the videos, but Sagem eventually pulled the offending segment and asked that the site take down its screen capture. That's pretty lame, but the good news is that we've but a few days to wait before this thing gets all official on us. Let's hope for sun in Barcelona, eh?

Update: MobileCrunch managed to snap the phone, too -- and unlike Recombu, they're not backing down.