Celio's Redfly smartphone dock gets real enough for a demo reel

You know, it's sort of crazy to look back at what companies did and didn't survive the Great Recession of 2009. Ugobe, Veoh, SGI, TZero and Circuit City all folded within the last year, yet Celio -- of all firms -- is still alive and well kicking. If you'll recall, we spotted a "proof of concept" smartphone dock from the outfit 13 months ago, and apparently that very device has shifted out of the R&D lab and into a working product. Now sporting the codename "Moab," the dock essentially brings a keyboard and mouse of your choosing to your smartphone, and it channels the video on your mobile's display onto a bona fide external monitor. The best use of this doohickey is when you need to bang out a long email on your phone, and reaching for a spare LCD, keyboard and mouse is easier than just plugging away on that miniaturized QWERTY. Which happens... when? Anywho, video of the completely and utterly thrilling action is just past the break.

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