DirecTV suing Dish Network over Why Pay More ads, says there's plenty of reasons

While we settle our disputes the old fashioned way (Judge Judy appearances) DirecTV's taking its beef with recent Dish Network ads to a slightly different courtroom. The "Why Pay More" ad campaign has been running for the last year but it appears the latest "Man on the Street" spot (embedded after the break) is what has really upset DirecTV, claiming that its package costs around $20 a month more than Dish. The lawsuit filed Thursday claims the DirecTV services offer more, and higher quality, channels than the one it's being compared to and according to Multichannel News, the company mentions many of the channels this ad is airing on aren't even a part of the Dish lineup being advertised. Of course, as long as it's adding customers we don't see Dish backing off the comparisons on its own anytime soon and if you wonder how long it's willing totake the heat in court, just ask TiVo.