Microsoft's Windows Phone event at MWC kicks off tomorrow at 9AM ET

If you're both ready and set, then you'll be pleased to know that Microsoft has major Windows Mobile goings-on to discuss tomorrow at 9AM ET (3PM here in Spain). What does that really mean? Well based on the torrent of circumstantial (and actual) evidence we've seen, it looks like the big M is set to deliver its most important piece of mobile news in years: Windows Mobile 7. Or, Windows Phone 7 Series... or whatever it is they're calling it these days. Regardless, it looks like a new era for Redmond's smartphone platform, and we'll be there covering the whole thing minute-by-minute... as only Engadget can.

If you're as curious as we are about Microsoft's plans, the event kicks off on Monday, February 15 at the times below. And here's the URL to park your browser at to see the action take place:

04:00AM - Hawaii
06:00AM - Pacific
07:00AM - Mountain
08:00AM - Central
09:00AM - Eastern
02:00PM - London
03:00PM - Paris
11:00PM - Tokyo