The war for Providence rages on in EVE Online

The fierce wars alliances wage each day in EVE Online can undoubtedly make for some great story-telling. Each region has a history of the wars players have fought in it and each station bares the memory of a dozen take-overs and assaults. Few stations hold more significance than the outpost in 9UY4-H in the Providence region. Originally named "Unity station", the outpost has had a long and violent history since its construction by Minmatar terrorist faction "Ushra'Kahn". The significance of 9UY4-H comes partly from the fact the system is a bottleneck in logistics and trade routes leading to three empire access points, two of which are exits into high security space. For those fighting over the station in 9UY4-H, however, it holds more political meaning than strategic due to Ushra'Kahn's long history of war against the Amarrian faction "Curatores Veritatis Alliance".

Both groups have always been strong adopters of role-play, turning what would normally be a normal war into a personal vendetta. As Amarr traditionalists, CVA support the enslavement of the Minmatar race, a significant part of EVE's back-story. In retaliation, Ushra'Kahn seek liberation for all Minmatar slaves and have never given up their fight against CVA. The station in 9UY4-H has become a focal point for that war, which has lasted over three years and shows no signs of diminishing. The EVE Online "Interstellar Correspondents", EVE's in-game news team, have just finished writing up a fascinating four-part historical account of the war in Providence and what has led to its current state today. If you're interested in the complex political movements and wars in EVE Online, it's definitely a good read [part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4].