Toshiba TG02 hands-on

We were all over Toshiba's drop dead thin and gorgeous TG01 last year, so naturally a chance to peek at the rumored TG02 first hand was something we couldn't pass up. Very little is new here, the touchscreen technology has seen resistive swapped with capacitive, the device has become a wee bit smaller while retaining the monster 4.1-inch display, and some 3D touches have been added to the SPB Mobile Shell-skinned Windows Mobile 6.5 OS. Like its older sibling, the handset is still a thing of beauty and the 1GHz Snapdragon does make it all purr along very nicely -- and while the UI isn't really a custom one -- we like the ability to flip between pages kinda like iPhone and Android do now. All in, this is a pretty decent effort, and removing some of the pain that was the resistive display can only make the TG02 better. Follow on for a tour and a gallery of shots. %Gallery-85570%