HTC HD mini hands-on

HTC's launch today also gives us the HD mini, and, as a result, we're starting to have a problem sticking with a favorite with each post we put up -- really, they're all that nice. Unfortunately for us we didn't have an HD2 to throw down and do a real side by side comparison, but just looking at the pic above and comparing it to any other we've posted and you'll see the difference right away. The display is bright and crisp and the OS was responsive enough -- and with the device set to ship in April, things are looking pretty positive to meet that date -- and while the display doesn't wow like the HTC HD2, it doesn't seem too cramped to be usable. We're digging this mini trend, and hope we catch some more of these at the show. Gallery after the break and a video as soon as we can get one.%Gallery-85666%