Notion Ink Adam hands-on (with video) at MWC 2010

Laura June Dziuban
L. Dziuban|02.16.10

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Notion Ink Adam hands-on (with video) at MWC 2010
We got a few minutes today to check out the latest build on Notion Ink's Adam prototype that we first saw back at CES. Like we heard a week or so ago, there will indeed be two versions of the Adam -- one which will be 12.9 mm thick and boast the Pixel Qi 3Qi e-paper screen, and another, thinner, non-Pixel Qi screen. The thinner, lighter version will measure in at 11.6 mm thick. As far as we know, the only difference in the two Tegra-powered Adams will be the display, and we also hear they are shooting for a third quarter of 2010 launch. The prototype on hand at MWC was not working, so one of the Adam's developers was kind enough to shoot a demo video of a working unit for us (and its Flash support) -- which is after the break.%Gallery-85691%


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