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Samsung Wave shows what's Super about its AMOLED display by going outdoors (video)

Direct sunlight -- is there anything more terrifying for an OLED screen? Up until now, you had to sacrifice some outdoor performance from your phone's display in order to get the spectacular contrast and viewing angles on offer from OLEDs. Up until now. Samsung's Wave has been taken for a quick spin by Dutch publication portablegear and while we've no idea what their feedback on the phone was, the moving pictures speak for themselves. The phone remains entirely readable and usable in spite of the bright environment around it -- if you question how much light is hitting it, just take a look at the hand of the person holding it -- and color saturation is maintained throughout. Samsung promised us a great media experience on the handset, but this quick demo places its Super AMOLED tech a clear step above... well, every other display out there. The wildly impressive video awaits after the break, and you can find more imagery and our hands-on impressions here.