Weber State University shows us how to shoot 3D in HD for $250 (video)

There are plenty of ways to shoot the next groundbreaking 3D masterpiece, and for those with considerable bankrolls Panasonic's P2 is a good choice -- but, at $21,000, forgive us for looking for inexpensive alternatives. The Scientific Analysis and Visualization Initiative at Weber State University has crafted a very simple solution relying on a pair of Kodak Zx1 pocket HD cameras. They're simply bolted to a piece of L-shaped aluminum bar by machine screws spaced at 6.5cm to more or less equate to the distance between your eye holes. It's an elegantly simple solution and, at just $250, a deliciously cheap one too -- especially considering those cameras are over $100 each. The results are good, which you can see for yourself in anaglyph (red/blue) format below.