Entourage Edge suffers month's delay, minor price bump

It was kind of inevitable with all these e-readers competing for attention at CES that some of the manufacturers would overestimate their capabilities and make promises they could not fulfill. One early candidate for the newly inaugurated promise breakers' club is the dual-screen Entourage Edge, whose February delivery date and $490 price have both been elevated, albeit slightly, to their new values of March and $499. The delay is clearly the most significant change, though we should note the careful wording, which states that "new orders will ship March 2010" and thereby leaves a glimmer of hope for early pre-orderers. The rest of us shouldn't be too downhearted either, it's a moderate time to wait, and we can just fantasize that the company's busy filing away at that splendiferous bezel.

Update: Entourage have gotten in touch to let us know the extra $9 on the price is for the new (as of February 1) inclusion of the Documents To Go software, and pre-orders placed before January 12 will be shipped this month. Candidacy for promise breakers' club is denied. Better luck next time.