NFC suffers identity crisis, becomes N-Mark, denies prior existence

Things just got strangely... interesting in the world of near-field communications. The NFC Forum, which just a few weeks ago issued a press release repeatedly using the term "NFC" and seemed quite fond of the logo to the left above, has apparently decided that "NFC" isn't particularly trademarkable. So, it will now be calling its suite of (ever dizzying) connectivity options "N-Mark," identified by the new, swoopier logo to the right. The latest addition to those head-spinning wireless standards? Sagem and Telenor are adding WiFi into the mix, creating a hybrid device to interact with the new SIMFi, allowing NFC (or whatever you want to call it) at rather greater than "near" ranges, running at 2.5GHz instead of the usual 13.56MHz. Confused? Just gaze at that new, blue logo and all will seem right as rain.