Dell Mini 5 docking station with HDMI port spotted in bizarre Greek video

Wow, some nice gadget fairy has just made our wish come true! Soon after our Dell Mini 5 impressions post went live, eagle-eyed reader unclepain reported that the phone's docking station has made a quiet appearance in T3 Greek Edition's bizarre hands-on video (seriously, we get the "DELLICIOUS" joke, but does that poor bloke really have to stand like that throughout the video?). According to the tiny bit of English we heard, the dock will have HDMI output and a USB port (for connecting to the computer, we presume) on the back. You can also see the short transparent back support when the presenter undocks the phone. Now, bundle this with Mini 5 or throw it à la carte at a reasonable price and we're sold. Eccentric footage after the break.%Gallery-86044%
[Thanks, unclepain]