OCZ cranks up the performance on Vertex Limited Edition SSD

CeBIT gets going next month, but OCZ Technology's not waiting around for the show to begin. Instead, it's pushing out details on its swankest SSD ever ahead of time, which will hopefully make room for some fancy prototypes to take up space in Germany. The Sandforce-based Vertex Limited Edition (LE) is based around an all-new architecture, and the company claims that this drive is its "fastest, multi-level cell (MLC), performance-based drive yet." How fast, you ask? How's about 270MB/sec on the read side and 250MB/sec on the write side, not to mention 15,000 IOPS. Unfortunately, it's still stuck on the SATA 3Gbps interface, but for those indifferent to that lingering 6Gbps alternative, you can be on the lookout for these to ship in 100GB ($399.99) and 200GB ($829.99) flavors for a limited time.