TiVo wonders why cable wants TV Everywhere, except on a TiVo

TV Everywhere

We give TiVo a hard time around here, but very few companies happen to share the same interests as its customers as much as TiVo. One of the hottest topics that TiVo has continuously championed, that helps us just as much, is the good fight to get cable operators to open up their networks to third party devices. Avid readers of Engadget HD know all too well how tru2way falls short to achieve our desired goals and TiVo continues to pound the drum. Up this time around TiVo is pointing to all the TV Everywhere initiatives as further proof that tru2way and CableCARD are nothing more than ways to discriminate against 3rd party set-top box providers. After all, while anyone with a valid FiOS account can no access HBO GO on any PC, TiVo HD owners with CableCARD don't have access to the very same content via VoD -- like those who choose the FiOS DVR for example. TiVo states that this is further proof that cable operators could and should allow TiVo to communicate via IP to access VoD rather than be forced to implement the provider's user interface via tru2way. Of course submitting comments to the FCC is only the first step, but let's just keep hoping the FCC comes around sooner rather than later.