Yamaha brings Tenori-On Orange to US soil for $700, dares you to rock your own socks off

Here's hoping you didn't pay your British bud to bring you one of those fancy Tenori-On Orange music makers over the holidays, 'cause if so, you just paid an absurd premium to get it a few months ahead of time. Oh, and now you've got an AC adapter that's bigger than your face. Nice. At long last, experimental musicians here in America are being treated to a native version of the Tenori-On O, which is the "more affordable" sibling to the also-shipping Tenori-On W. Functionally, the new O model is exactly the same as the original W model, except it can't be operated with batteries, its 256 orange LEDs are only visible on one side of the unit and it's encased in plastic; Yamaha's marketing the O to producers and studio hounds, whereas the W is made more for live performances. Whatever your fancy, the O should be available in a matter of moments for around $699.99 on the street, while the W can be had for around $300 more.