Canon EOS-1D Mark IV survives marathon 33 page review

Canon's EOS-1D Mark IV has been slinking around at retail availability for some time now, and while we brought you plenty of sample imagery from the camera over a month ago, it's taken awhile for the thing to get the full review treatment. Digital Photography Review has finally done the deed, dedicating a whopping 33 pages to Canon's low-light, 1080p wunderkind. It's that last new feature, video, that the review finds fault in, with the same jellyvision we've seen on other HD-shootin' DSLRs (seemingly no worse here than elsewhere), but the review feels that the movie mode here doesn't feel sufficiently integrated with the camera. Meanwhile that low-light, high-ISO shooting performance is impressive, but not quite up to the performance of the Nikon D3S. Everything else, though, seems to be a nice evolution over the older Mark III -- if you have a similarly advanced budget.