HTC Legend's battery compartment ready to blow minds

We touched on the Legend's innards during our video demo of the phone at MWC last week, but at the time, we didn't see what was actually under the plastic flap. The answer? A most unusual battery compartment, that's what. HTC's unibody follow-on to last year's Hero throws away the concept of a battery cover altogether, opting instead for an endcap that conceals slots for the SIM and microSD card along with the battery -- in other words, it slot-loads rather than dropping into place like almost every other phone you've used. Besides eliminating a big, ugly battery cover, the setup means that all three components can be changed independently; gone are the days of yanking the battery just to swap SIMs, for instance. It's not a totally unprecedented configuration (the Devour takes a similar path, for one), but with HTC's weight being thrown behind these slick designs now, we're excited to see where it could lead -- assuming signal strength still rules with that much aluminum in play.