Pentax trots out gorgeous K-7 Limited Silver DSLR

Do Japanese gadget makers think we're not superficial enough to appreciate specially repainted editions of their gear? Because we are, we totally are. Pentax is producing a mere 1,000 units of the above slice of DSLR beauty and predictably they all seem to be headed to the Japanese market. The Limited Silver variant of the K-7 adds a few enhancements, too, with a specially reinforced glass plate protecting the LCD and adding to the original's robust weatherproofing, as well as updated firmware and photo processing software. The most intriguing addition is the inclusion of a "golden section ratio" focusing screen with curved guiding lines that are supposed to make image composition even easier. We'd say that's just the sort of cosmetic enhancement you'd expect on a prettied up limited edition shooter, but that'd make our bitterness at not being able to buy one too obvious.