Sony confirms plans for consumer-friendly 3D cameras

If you had any doubt that Sony was getting all hot and bothered by the prospects of 3D everything in the very near future, a recent interview with Digital Photography Review should settle that. Masashi Imamura, President of Personal Imaging and Sound at Sony, said that the company is focused on tackling the third dimension on every front, and while we already know it is meeting the needs of Hollywood, with cameras like the HFC Comfort-3D and the HDC-F950, now comes the focus on Joe Consumer, specifically referencing Fuji's Real 3D W1. Of course, we're also expecting something a little higher end from the company, with earlier talk of 3D Alphas, but first-things first, and while Mr. Imamura didn't see fit to tell us when to expect a consumer-friendly 3D shooter, we can't imagine it'll be long now.