Windows Marketplace tweaked, installs to storage cards now possible (Android, take note)

Microsoft has released an updated version of its Marketplace for Mobile application for WinMo 6.0 and up recently that makes a few key changes -- nothing that's going to shake you to your very core the same way that Windows Phone 7 Series did last week, certainly, but there's some good stuff in here nonetheless. Most importantly, Marketplace will now allow for app installs straight to memory cards, a critical capability for devices that don't have gobs of storage built in (and something that Android tragically still lacks -- for the moment, anyhow). We've also got deep links to app product pages, user-selectable regional stores, Russian support, and the list goes on, so it seems like a must-have upgrade for anyone on a 6.x device. Just don't break the bank going on a wild, Red Bull-fueled app buying rampage now, alright?

[Thanks, Stair]