iPhone SDK 3.2 moves on to beta round 3

As we march toward the inevitability of a post-iPad world, so marches the development of iPhone SDK 3.2 -- and this time, we're on to beta 3. There's no word yet on what's changed, but unless you're a registered (and paid) member of Apple's iPhone Developer Program, it doesn't much matter to you seeing how you can't get in on the download. Keep us abreast of the trials, tribulations, highs, and lows of your downloads and installs, won't you?

Update:TUAW now reports that beta 3's been pulled, but it's not yet clear why. We'll fill you in more as we find out.

Update 2:iPadInsiderreports that a Photos app has been added to the emulator, and there's a Camera tab in it -- possibly corroborating evidence that there'll be a camera in some version of the iPad, but more likely a tool for the camera connection kit.

Update 3:MacRumors has a couple more interesting details. Looks like there's a couple of lines in the code that suggest a front-facing camera (as often rumored), zoom, and camera flash is in the cards. Additionally, there's iPad-sized "Accept" and "Decline" buttons with video camera-related iconography. We know what you're thinking, but we still wouldn't advise getting your hopes up anytime soon. It's not good for your heart, y'know.

Update 3: ...and it's back up. Thanks, everyone!