iPhone 3GS mod ditches plastic cover in favor of titanium vestment (updated)

Engadget reader Martin Schrotz is a man after our own hearts. He's taken the editors' choice for best smartphone of 2009 and tricked it out with a handsome new back cover made out of titanium. Not sufficiently pleased with the plastic casing provided by Apple, Martin opened up his favorite CAD program and refashioned his phone into the much hardier and indubitably more awesome machine you see before you. The new backing is built out of a titanium alloy that allows RF waves through and therefore requires no plastic parts to let the wireless communications flow. Check out the gallery for more before hitting the link below to bug Martin to provide you with a video or a price estimate.

Update: We now have exclusive video of the device as well, so head on over here to see it making a call.%Gallery-86374%