Philips breathes new life into home stereos with SoundSphere

Philips has been on somewhat of a roll with new releases overseas, and the outfit's new SoundSphere might just be the most intriguing yet. Generally speaking, home stereos don't do much for us, but the minty fresh MCi900 and MCD900 definitely add a fresh touch on an age-old concept. Both systems are equipped with a pair of speakers, 100 watts of amplification and "free floating" tweeters that are outside of the enclosure. The shells themselves are molded from a single piece of aluminum, and there's also an integrated CD player and USB socket on the both of 'em. The former gets a Streamium logo and a 160GB hard drive, support for internet radio and wireless streaming with networked PCs or Macs. There's no mention of a price just yet, and potentially more disheartening, no indication that we unimportant Americans will ever see it on our soil.

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Barcelona, Spain - The new range of Philips Hi-Fi micro systems with SoundSphere speakers is a revelation for those who want to hear all the original detail from their music, just as the artist intended. Philips SoundSphere speakers give you natural, authentic sound reproduction so you feel all the emotion of the music, as though the artist is playing right in front of you. The new range includes a model with Streamium technology so you can wirelessly store, stream and enjoy an endless choice of music online or from your computer.

Traditional speakers can distort the way instruments sound, often making music seem flat, narrow and tight. Philips SoundSphere speakers have a uniquely positioned tweeter and woofer with rigorous audio crossover engineering that minimizes interference and produces a more natural sound. The free-floating tweeter is outside the speaker box, meaning sound radiates in all directions to give a deeper, wider sound impression, similar to the tones you would hear during a live performance or in a recording studio.

The innovative architecture of SoundSphere speaker technology means it provides music-lovers with a surprisingly high-quality, authentic listening experience, filling your space with the true sound of the artist's original. Designed by Philips acoustic engineers based in Leuven, Belgium, Philips SoundSphere speakers have met the high expectations of demanding European music-lovers by achieving the best possible balance between their subjective qualities.

SoundSphere speakers combine form and functionality with an iconic design that uses authentic materials that not only look impressive but also help to reduce speaker cabinet vibrations. The speakers use a one-piece aluminum casing that optimizes wave propagation within the cabinet for more fidelity in its sound reproduction, while the higher stiffness ratio offers a more compact loudspeaker solution.

The Hi-Fi micro systems with SoundSphere speakers also give you new and convenient ways of accessing music, with a large color screen for easy navigation of your playlists and music files. The model with Streamium technology lets you enjoy digital music sources from a USB hard disk: massive 160GB HDD storage means you can store all your favorite music from your collection, as well as browse thousands of songs online through wireless internet radio, or music streaming from your Mac or PC – you can even stream pictures!

For the most authentic, crystal-clear listening experience that combines ease of use, enjoyment and sleek design, the Philips micro system range with SoundSphere speakers is everything you need.

Philips Streamium Hi-Fi micro system with SoundSphere speakers (MCi900)

• SoundSphere speakers
• CD/DVD player, USB direct
• 100W RMS
• Aluminum cabinet (Titanium color)
• Streamium with 160GB HDD, Internet radio and PC/Mac wireless streaming

Philips Hi-Fi micro system with SoundSphere speakers (MCD900)

• SoundSphere speakers
• CD/DVD player, USB direct
• 100W RMS
• Aluminum cabinet (Silver color)