Sony shuffles gaming organizations: so long, SCE, hello new SCE

We're not exactly sure what Sir Stringer is up to with this one, but Sony has now announced a reorganization plan for its gaming-related divisions that should make a few heads spin but ultimately end up with most employees staying where they are. The short of it is that Sony Computer Entertainment will be renamed the "SNE Platform" (or SNEP, for added hilarity), and that Sony's video game business (previously part of SCE) will be transferred to a new division called -- you guessed it -- Sony Computer Entertainment. SNEP will then be responsible for Sony's network business (including PSN, it seems), but only until April 1st, at which point SNEP will simply be dissolved into Sony. The goal of all this, according to Sony, is to "strengthen the network business within the Sony Group," but the company is otherwise staying pretty mum on specifics.