Survey finds initial iPad demand to be greater than initial iPhone demand

So there's no question that the iPad has generated plenty of interest and debate, but the big question remaining is how that will translate into actual sales. According to a new RBC / ChangeWave survey, however, it seems that the iPad is at least on track to do slightly better than the iPhone did, at least initially... maybe. To be a bit more specific, the survey found that of the 3,200 respondents, 13% were either somewhat likely or very likely to buy an iPad, compared to 9% who said the same thing about the iPhone way back in April, 2007. Of course, that says little about the potential long-term success of the iPad, and there's also the small issue of the iPhone already existing, which no doubt factors considerably into anyone's potential iPad purchase. Not surprisingly, RBC also says that the iPad relatively low price is a significant factor, and adds that only 8% of respondents were unwilling to pay Apple's prices for the iPad, compared to hefty 28% that said the initial iPhone prices were out of the question for them.