Tim Cook: Yes, we're a "mobile device company"

I caught this back when Steve Jobs said it on stage at the event a few weeks ago, and I was surprised that more people hadn't yet. Jobs called Apple "the largest mobile device company in the world," and I had to do a double-take. Mobile device company? But don't you sell computers? Aren't you the top premium PC brand in the world?

Pass, says Apple. Tim Cook confirmed at a Goldman Sachs press conference yesterday that Apple is calling themselves a "mobile device company" officially. The "traditional model" of having companies sell different things -- hardware, software, peripherals -- just doesn't work on today's world, according to Cook. So Apple is no longer a computer company, or an OS maker (though he does say that OS X scales just fine down to the smaller devices), or a media giant. Its main focus is mobile devices. Side projects like the AppleTV are "just a hobby."

Somehow, Apple's focus changed when we all weren't looking (though we had hints -- Steve did take the "Computers" out of the name at the event a while back). The reasoning makes sense, though, even if it is a little disappointing that the company that makes the best computers in the world isn't even calling them computers any more.

[Via TechCrunch]