Matias makes room for your smartphone on an otherwise vanilla keyboard

We can't count the number of times that we've longed for our Insert, Home, Page Up, Delete, End and Page Down buttons to be replaced with an angled slab of plastic, but obviously we're in a pretty small minority. Matias has just issued its USB 2.0 keyboard + smartphone stand, which essentially carves out a slice of keyboard real estate for your phone to sit, though no passthrough USB cable / iPhone dock connector is provided for charging. The purpose? To put all of your mobile apps right at your fingertips, because keeping said phone on your desk is just completely and utterly unacceptable. Oh, and did we mention that the layout itself is nothing special? If you see something we don't, feel free to part with your $49.95 and smile while thinking "I told you so."

Update: Documentation about the keyboard indicated that "custom keypad and trackpad apps" could be loaded on to "control your Mac," which certainly makes this more appealing, but unfortunately details on that are scant.