MoProUSA shows off fully integrated Wiimote pistols, tempts investors (video)

As a Nintendo Wii owner, you've certainly got a smattering of options when it comes time to fire up the light gun, but even Nintendo's Wii Zapper can't hold a candle to this. Moishe Levison of MoProUSA has given us an inside look at what he's been working on for the past few years, and while everything is obviously still in prototype form, we can't help but be impressed. In short, he's looking to create a new range of free gaming pistols, including one that requires no additional Wiimote and Nunchuk to operate. His flagship gun, the Duel Pro, is actually modeled from a replica pistol, and it tucks the guts of a Wii controller and Nunchuk entirely inside of its casing. There's also an analog nub on both sides, enabling gamers to switch from one hand to the other should the action get too intense with the simple press of a toggle switch. Moreover, a color-changing LED is positioned on the rear in order to give instant feedback when an input is recognized, and did we mention that this thing looks stupendously realistic?

Another option is the Duel Eagle, which does require a separate Wiimote to be inserted in the top (much like Nyko's Perfect Shot), but places the 'C' and 'Z' buttons within grasping range on the gun's handle. The Duel Agent works similarly, but provides a more compact design for those who like to pack their heat in a more lightweight fashion. In both of these, the motion controls are integrated into the grip. The company actually has no plans to manufacture these on its own, but instead hopes to find an investor or two to buy the utility patent and turn the light gun market upside-down. We asked Moishe if this kind of technology could be applied on weaponry for Sony's PS3 or Microsoft's Xbox 360, and while he did confess that it was feasible, he's keeping his focus firmly fixed on the Wii for now. Feel free to poke around in the prototype gallery below, but don't leave this post without tapping that 'Read More' link and seeing the lineup handled on video. Seriously, you'll score +5 macho points just from watching.

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