MvixUSA Solido USB WiFi adapter finds signals a county away, makes you look super important

Or tremendously dorky, either one. MvixUSA's newest WiFi adapter / range extender is a dramatic departure from its oh-so-minuscule Nubbin, though we're told that the downright gaudy 5dbi antenna provides more wireless range than you ever thought possible. Put simply, this 802.11n adapter takes advantage of MIMO technology, promising throughput up to 300Mbps and forcing you to look as if you're pinging a satellite just south of Jupiter rather than reaching for that Starbucks router eight blocks over. The good news is that it's only $34.99, and amazingly, it might just be less heinous than the Wi-Fire. Shocking, we know.

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MvixUSA Launches Mvix Solido Wireless-N USB Adapter with 5dbi Antenna

Chantilly, VA. February 23, 2010: MvixUSA, a market leader in HD entertainment, business signage solutions and networked accessible storage devices, announces the launch of Mvix Solido, a revolutionary wireless-N USB adapter with 300 mbps data throughput and much higher range.

Mvix Solido Wireless-N Adapter uses the latest wireless networking technology, IEEE 802.11n. By superimposing multiple transmission signals, Wireless-N's MIMO technology provides a significantly high data throughput (upto 300Mbps). Unlike traditional wireless networking technologies that can suffer interference, MIMO increases the range and reduces "dead spots" in the wireless coverage area. The robust "N" signal travels farther, maintaining wireless connections up to 4 times farther than the traditional adapters.

"Solido is our latest marvel for making wireless media streaming a reality. After a thundering success of our award-winning WiFi N adapter Nubbin, we further improved on the wireless-N technology and the results are phenomenal. It is not only an "must-have" add-on for our range of high definition media streamers like Ultio, it's a must for high speed home or office wireless networks." - commented Mike Mallon, the VP of business development at Mvix.

Mvix Solido comes pre-equipped with the popular 5dbi antenna architecture. The 5dbi antenna provides an enhanced and stable reception of the wireless signal allowing faster, more reliable signal at a greater distance from a Wifi Router. The tilt-adjustable head lets one fine tune the reception and provides a signal so strong, it eliminates any hiccups from high definition media streaming.

Mike further elaborated, "Mvix Solido brings incredible speed of Wireless-N to media-centric applications like streaming HD video, audio, gaming, etc. It provides a stable platform to run multiple media-intense streams across your network simultaneously. We are delighted to introduce this much-awaited product - which is a true plug and play WiFi-N adapter for our Mvix Ultio and Mvix Ultio Pro models." Mvix Solido is being launched at an aggressively competitive price of $34.99 making it an extremely affordable accessory to Ultio / Ultio Pro Media Centers. It is also compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Solido is ready for shipping immediately.
For more information, visit be less henious than the Wi-Fire.