Palm's official webOS 1.4 changelog leaked?

You know what's running out? February. That's a little alarming considering that Palm had promised that totally rockin' new cut of webOS, 1.4, before the month was out -- but while we wait for this thing to actually happen, at least we've now got an official (or official-looking) changelog of the build out of the good folks at PreCentral. Besides a host of bug fixes, 1.4 is said to have performance boosts within the phone and calendar apps, a handful of messaging enhancements, new email sorting options, custom alert sounds for reminders (finally!), and -- of course -- the addition of video recording and Flash support on the Pre. Interestingly, it won't have Flash out of the box -- you'll still need to download it from the Catalog, it seems. Head on over to PreCentral for the full log, and read really, really slowly just in case you've got a few more days to wait on this stuff.