Found Footage: The Powerbook snowboard

Ok, we'll admit it -- the recent snowpocalypse may have driven some people nuts. But probably not this nuts -- these two German guys wanted to go snowboarding, but didn't actually have a snowboard around, so they did what most of us would naturally do in this situation: take two old PowerBooks, connect them together and put some shoes on them, and go snowboarding.

Ok, so most of us might not do that (and while our German isn't that great, this actually looks like a viral plug for some Asus laptops), but those laptops actually hold up pretty darn well. The keyboard can't take a drill, and they probably shouldn't be breathing that smoke. But in terms of structural integrity, it looks like you can actually snowboard with an old PowerBook. Even if this is just a viral, we'd like to see them try the same thing with the laptops they're hawking in five to ten years.