Ghostbusters Wii mod sets a new bar, proves that dreams do come true

The Wii has seen its fair share of related modifications, and while our favorite Nintendo mod still has Pixar written all over it, this one just might take the cake for the Big N's freshest console. Created by an obviously obsessed (and über-talented) Ghostbusters fan, the Nintendo Wii Proton Pack is a fully functional device that beautifully complements the Wii version of the Ghostbusters video game. For those doubting the thought that went into this, take a listen: the Blue Power Cell accurately reflects how much power you have left, and the Thrower has been designed to covertly hold both the Wiimote and the Nunchuk. Better still, the Wiimote's internal speaker enables the pack to make true-to-film noises. Hit the source link to get a better look, but we'd recommend suiting up in your best 80s era, ghoul-busting garb before diving in.

Update: In-action video is now after the break!

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