Microsoft's SideWinder X4 reviewed: a decent choice for the budget gamer

Microsoft's anti-ghosting claims were recently put to the test by the good folks over at Tom's Guide, and if you've been holding off on pulling the trigger to make sure it really lives up to the hype, you can finally cut loose and part ways with your hard-earned Greenbacks -- maybe, anyway. For those unaware, Microsoft designed the SideWinder X4 to handle up to 26 key presses at once (it's a "pro gamer" thing, we're told), but it also allows for macro recording and profile / mode switching. According to the critics, the X4 is a step backwards in terms of design, particularly when compared to the flagship SideWinder X6 (which can be had for around $40 right now). Essentially, they could only really recommend it for those that actually do have ghosting issues when gaming, though they confess that said crowd is a relatively tiny one. But hey, don't take our word for it -- hit the source link and discover the truth for yourself.